Therapeutic Massage

We offer a wide range of massage styles and every treatment is tailored to your needs and may include elements from the list below. Whether you prefer a deep tissue release or a gentle pressure to soothe stress, a massage can benefit every body.

Deep Tissue massage is designed to relieve tension in the muscles and deeper structures of the connective tissue or fascia. Deep tissue massage can benefit individuals who experience chronic pain, are involved in heavy physical activity (such as athletes) and patients who have sustained physical injury.

Sports massage can benefit anyone, not just those who are involved in sport! It's just as effective for athletes as it is for individuals with general aches and pains. Sports Massage increases range of movement, increases flexibility and relieves muscle soreness. It assists in injury prevention and promotes faster recovery from both training and injury.

Face massage (Facial rejuvenation) is a natural facelift through massage. It is designed to be a gentle non-invasive approach to looking younger. It works primarily by freeing constrictions both within the facial muscles and in the connective tissue. Massage can help prevent new tension lines and wrinkles from appearing. This treatment can be enhanced by the use of facial acupuncture points using either tiny needles or pressure.